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For over a century, forklifts have played an integral part in increasing workplace efficiency and safety. While forklift technology is ever improving, companies will see the biggest improvement in their operations after investing in a lift truck that is customized to their team’s specific needs, equipment preferences and work environment. 

Patriot Forklifts is one of the top forklift dealerships in Denver and is here to help you find the best lifting equipment for your business! Our high-quality lift trucks are for sale online and in Denver, and all of our forklifts can be customize to your needs. Learn more about our customization options below!

Why Invest in Customized Lifting Equipment?

Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to material handling equipment. Every business is unique, and so are the individual tool and equipment needs of their workers. Forklifts are a big purchase and investing in a forklift that is perfectly tailored to your business will increase productivity and result in the biggest return on your investment. Customizing equipment to your work environment and specific use cases can also decrease the need to purchase additional equipment.

Custom Forklifts For Sale in Denver, CO

Choosing the best lifting equipment for your business is easy with Patriot Forklifts’ ready-to-customize forklifts. Below are some of the forklift models and customizations options we offer:


Do you need a forklift that can lift heavy loads effortlessly? The 2022 Patriot FY70 Forklift has a 15,500 lbs lifting capacity and will make lifting heavy materials a breeze! This forklift can operate in vigorous outdoor environments and the mast type, steering system, alarm system, and tires can be customize as needed.


The 2022 Patriot FY45 Forklift is a four-wheel, dual fuel forklift with air pneumatic tires and 48 in forks. This forklift can safely lift and transport loads up to 10,000 lbs and is great for outdoor tasks. When customizing this model, customers have the option to choose between a two and three stage mast, and make alterations to the alarm and steering systems.


Looking for a versatile, indoor forklift? The 2022 Patriot FB16S Forklift could be the right forklift for your operations. This durable, three-wheel electric forklift can safely accommodate 3,200 lbs and comes with 48 in forks that are great for moving pallets. The 2022 Patriot FB16S Forklift’s steering, mast type, and alarm system can all be customize to suit your work environment and operations.


The 2022 Patriot FD20 Forklift has a max load capacity of 4,000lbs and is already well suited for outdoor applications. This forklift can be customize to have a 2 stage or 3 stage mast and the signaling. The alarm systems can be change to accommodate your preferences.

Build Your Dream Lift Truck At Patriot Forklifts!

Choosing the right equipment for your business can be confusing, especially if you’re not sure what type of forklift will best accommodate your needs. Patriot Forklifts is here to help you build the perfect lifting equipment for your business! Our team will help you customize our equipment to your operations. Hence, we ensure it meets all your equipment needs and preferences. Contact us today at (877) 733-5438 or visit our website to learn more about building your dream lift truck!

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