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In any situation with industrial equipment, heavy materials, and loud noises, accidents can occur if safety precautions are not in place. The leading causes of forklift accidents are operator mishandling, unsafe work environments, and equipment design or malfunctions. 

To prevent accidents from occuring in your warehouse, invest in top quality forklifts from Patriot Forklifts and ensure you have safety policies and procedures in place. Patriot Forklifts is one of the leading warehouse forklift dealers in Denver, CO. We strives to help local companies improve their operations through affordable and high-quality equipment.

Factors to Consider When Buying Warehouse Equipment

With the right equipment, you can easily increase productivity and improve safety within your warehouse. One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing any equipment for your warehouse is the load capacity you need the equipment to be able to handle. To get the most use out of your new equipment, it is also important to consider the size of the items you need to lift and how high you need to be able to reach with your new machine. Thinking about what type of operating system your team has expertise using, can also help you determine which forklift is right for your operations. 

Safety Precautions & Proper Warehouse Forklift Operation 

Forklift accidents can result in serious injuries or property damage, but many of these situations can be avoided entirely. Below are guidelines that should be implemented in every warehouse to improve safety. It is to lower the chance of forklift accidents occurring:

Enforce basic safety regulations and guidelines

Ensure your forklift operators know and abide by all policies regarding material handling and forklift safety. This includes requiring regular forklift training, using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), wearing a seatbelt while operating the machine, staying within the speed limit, and only transporting passengers when a man basket is attached.

Inspect warehouse equipment before operating

Forklifts should be thoroughly inspect before every shift, on top of daily safety checks. It is to maximize safety and can help your machine last longer. If there are any issues find, the equipment should be taken out of operation and the shift supervisor should be notified immediately.

Inspect environment

Forklift operators should always check their intended route for potential risks and obstructions before proceeding with the machine. This includes making a clean passage and comparing the overhead clearance to the forklift’s height. Avoid bumps, holes, wet regions, sharp twists, and cautiously approach ramps and elevators.

Keep load capacity stable

The operator should also check the load’s stability and balance before moving the forklift. This includes checking the load is as far back on the forks as possible. It is symmetrically place on the forks. It is also important to confirm that loading ramps and bridges can support the combined weight and width of the forklift and cargo. 

Increase Safety in Your Denver Warehouse

Patriot Forklifts’ warehouse forklifts are customizable and a great tool for reducing the risks of work-related accidents. Safety is one of our top priorities and all our equipment is check for quality. It is before delivery so it’s ready to use when it arrives at your warehouse. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or browse our available forklifts on our website!

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