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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to be ready and able to adapt to the ever changing consumer market. Doing so can place a strain on any business, but especially those that operate huge factories or warehouses. Forklift can be a great tool to help companies keep up with the ever growing demands of consumers while increasing efficiency and safety within their day-to-day operations.

Finding high-quality forklifts in Denver is easy with Patriot Forklifts! We have top-of-the-line forklifts for all types of applications. We can customize any unit to fit your exact equipment needs and help you meet your business goals.

Top Forklift Safety Features

Safety is crucial in warehouses and without the proper equipment and safety measures in place, serious injuries can occur. Below are the top safety features that forklifts provide and how they can help keep your employees safe:

Light System 

A forklift’s light system conveys important safety information to the driver and those in the surrounding environment. Lights will signal when the forks are raised or lowered, when the forks are extending or retracting, when the machine is in reverse or parked, and other functions or movements that people need to be aware and cautious of. 


There are multiple sensors on a forklift that alert the operator of potential danger. One sensor on a forklift detects if there is something or someone in the way of the forklift. It can halt the machine to avoid collisions. There are also sensors that detect if the forks are fully inserted into a pallet to limit damage to the machine and anyone around.

Adjustable Operator Seat & Seatbelt

The operator’s seat can be adjusted so he or she is comfortable while operating the machine. It can properly see the surrounding environment to ensure safe operation of the forklift. The seat also features a seatbelt to keep the operator safe in case the machine tips over or there is a collision.


Similar to a car, forklifts have a horn to alert other forklift operators and people in the surrounding environment that the machine is present or approaching a location. It is require by OSHA that all forklifts have a horn mechanism or other noise-producing alert tool. 

Brakes & Emergency Stop

All forklifts are equip with brakes or an emergency stop button that can bring the machine to a halt before a collision occurs. Since this safety feature is so important, OSHA requires that the operator checks that the brakes, brake pads and brake pedal are all in working condition before using the machine. Proper maintenance is also important to keeping the brakes in working order.

Buy Your Next Forklifts at Patriot Forklifts!

Patriot Forklifts has a wide range of equipment to choose from. We want to help you ensure your warehouse operations are safe and efficient. Our team has years of knowledge and experience in the material handling industry making us more than qualified to help you find a machine that is fit for your business. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our available forklifts!

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