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Selecting the right forklift for your Denver business will depend on the max capacity, height and fuel type needed. The most common energy sources for forklifts are diesel, LPG and electricity. Each fuel type has specific advantages and are suited for certain environments. But LPG forklifts are a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes. 

Patriot Forklifts is your source for new and customizable LPG forklifts in Denver, CO. Our team of forklift experts are here to help find the machine that will allow you to reach your production and efficiency goals while staying within your budget. When you purchase from Patriot Forklifts you will also receive a standard 2-year warranty because we stand behind our equipment 100%!

Pros of LPG Forklift

To determine if a LPG forklift is right for you, let’s consider the benefits of using this type of fuel source. LPG forklift engines do not require a charger, have gas cylinders at the rear of the vehicle that make them easy to refuel, and they are much quieter than diesel forklifts. This characteristic makes them better suited for indoor work than diesel forklifts, but they can also be used for outdoor tasks. Lower maintenance costs and reduced fuel consumption are also important benefits to note, and will help you keep your operating costs low. Lastly, LPG forklifts are more environmentally friendly than their diesel counterparts and create fewer fumes, resulting in less dust, dirt, and grime being released into the surrounding environment.

LPG Forklift Available at Patriot Forklifts

With powerful engines, LPG forklifts make it quick and easy to move bulk items. It could be the right forklift type for you! Patriot Forklifts is Denver’s top source for high-quality forklifts, below are some of the top-rated LPG forklifts we have available: 


The 2022 Patriot FY30 Forklift is a versatile machine that can effortlessly pick up and transport up to 6,000 lbs of material or product. It features a two stage telescoping mast which will allow you to reach up to 130 inches! This machine also comes with 48″ forks and solid tires for increased stability.


Our 2022 Patriot FY40 Forklift can handle loads up to 9,000 lbs and has an efficient LPG engine. This forklift can lift loads up to 130″, has a 2-stage mast, and comes with 48” forks! Not sure if this forklift is right for you? Contact our team of forklift experts today for more information!


The 2022 Patriot FY50S Forklift is a great forklift for heavy-duty lifting and can accommodate loads up to 11,000 lbs. The unit is equipped with a 2-stage mast, 48″ forks for safe movement of load. It has an air pneumatic tires for a smooth drive on rough surfaces. 

Choose Patriot Forklifts For Your Next LPG Forklift Purchase!

LPG forklifts can be a great tool to help you and your team power through your workday. The ability to get around quickly and efficiently will also help your employees feel safer. It allow them to complete more work in less time. Interested in purchasing an LPG forklift. Contact Patriot Forklifts today at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website for more information!

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