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In every manufacturing facility, it is important to have dependable and high-powered equipment to help finish jobs efficiently. Having the right equipment for your team also ensures their safety and promotes the safe handling of products and materials. With reliable support and the capability to endure tough conditions, propane forklift have become very popular in well-ventilated factories and warehouses.

If you’re a company owner or facility manager looking for a reliable material handling solution, Patriot Forklifts is here to help! Patriot Forklifts is one of the leading forklift dealers in the Denver area. It has been offering high quality equipment at very reasonable prices for many years. We strive to help our customers maintain the lowest operating costs possible so they can invest in the equipment they need to grow.

Top Reason To Choose A Propane Forklift

According to the Propane Education & Research Council, companies in all different industries use and rely on propane forklifts to get the job done. This is because the capacity this type of forklift can lift ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 lbs and allows companies to put labor to better use. While many diesel forklifts can lift large amounts, they are not suitable for indoor use like propane forklifts are. 

Other Benefits of Propane Forklifts

There are many studies that show propane forklifts are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and safe to use. Patriot Forklift stands behind all its equipment, but believes propane forklifts can be a great resource for many companies. Below is more information about the benefits of propane forklifts:

Fast Refueling Time

Electric and natural gas-powered forklifts have more time-consuming refueling processes than propane forklifts. Electric forklifts can take eight hours to recharge while propane forklifts take five minutes to refuel. Cutting down refuel time will help your team stay on schedule and allow your operations to get back to the task at hand quicker.

Clean Emissions Profile

When it comes to emissions, diesel-powered forklifts are more dangerous than propane-powered forklifts. This is especially important to think about when operating indoors. Propane forklifts produce fewer emissions such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. They have a sealed system that stops chemicals from being released into the atmosphere.

Propane Forklifts are Safe

All propane-powered forklifts have an automatic shut-off safety measure. It will activate once there are leaks to avoid accidents and damage to the machine. This button can also be pressed in the event that the operator feels unsafe or the machine needs to be stopped for another reason.

Propane Forklifts in Denver

If you are ready to make the switch to a propane forklift, Patriot Forklifts in Denver, CO is here to help! We are one of the most trusted forklift dealers in Colorado. We strive to help businesses improve their operations and meet their growth goals. Contact us now at (720) 798-0276 or check out our website for more information about our products!

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