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With no fuel costs and the ability to create a quieter work environment, it’s easy to see why electric forklifts are a smart investment for many companies. Electric forklifts also require less maintenance making them the more cost-effective forklift option over time. In Denver, Patriot Forklifts has a great selection of electric forklifts for sale!

At Patriot Forklifts, we 100% stand behind our products! We also offer a two year parts and labor warranty on all machines. We guarantee customer satisfaction in an effort to ensure every customer has a great purchasing experience with us. Our friendly experts will help you explore our selection of electric forklifts to find the one that’s best for your needs. 

How Electrics Forklifts Can Help Your Business 

Battery-powered forklifts haven’t replaced diesel lift trucks, but they are becoming the future of material handling. Electric forklifts can benefit your business by reducing operating costs and eliminating the hazards associated with conventional lift trucks. Electric forklifts also don’t require fuel, which will save your company money by eliminating the costs associated with regularly refueling and fuel storage. In addition, electric forklifts require less power to move loads and they produce no emissions making them better for the environment.

Electric Forklifts For Sale At Patriot Forklifts

If your company is planning to buy, replace or upgrade its current forklift fleet, check out the electric forklifts available at Patriot Forklifts. We ensure that every forklift we sell is high-quality, learn more about our available electric forklifts below:

2022 Patriot FB45 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FB45 Forklift is great for heavy, indoor lifting and has a 10,000lb lifting capacity. This forklift also has a two stage mast, max height of 130” and comes with 48″ forks. Get it today only at Patriot Forklifts in Denver!

2022 Patriot FB50 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FB50 Forklift has a 11,000lbs lifting capacity making it another great option for heavy-duty lifting tasks. This forklift also has a 2-stage mast and solid pneumatic tires that give it better traction and stability while transporting items.

2022 Patriot FB18 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FB18 Forklift is perfect for indoor warehouses and distribution centers that need equipment to move light loads. This electric forklift has a 3,500lb lifting capacity, 2-stage mast, a 130” max height, and air pneumatic tires that can be upgraded to solid at additional cost.

Purchase an Electric Forklift Today

With an extensive selection of materials handling equipment, Patriot Forklifts is the place to purchase forklifts in Denver, CO. We also offer customization and financing options on all our forklifts. Hence, it is to make it easier to invest in the perfect forklift for your company. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website now to learn more about our available units!

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