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Most businesses in Denver, and across the country, are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. Forklifts are a great way to do this and can be useful for all types of tasks. Before purchasing a forklift it is important to think about how you plan to use the equipment and what forklift type would offer you the best return on investment.

Patriot Forklifts’ expert staff can assist you in identifying which machines would be most helpful in saving you money on labor costs, improving productivity and eliminating workplace injuries. We also offer flexible financing options to make investing in your business easier on your wallet. 

Why Turn to Forklifts For Your Warehouse Operations

If you’re not utilizing forklifts in your warehouse, you are losing out on a lot of time and money. Just think about how much you move on a daily basis and how many people you need in order to get jobs done. Forklifts are more efficient than humans at moving large loads, which makes them an excellent tool for getting things done quickly. Also, as your warehouse grows, the amount of heavy lifting your employees perform increases. This can wear out your team and put them at risk for repetitive motion injuries. Additionally, storage capacity is a major factor in profitability margins for warehouse operations. Forklifts allow you to use the height of your warehouse by making it easier to reach and place items higher up.

Must-Have Forklifts for Your Warehouse

When it comes to forklifts, there’s no doubt that Patriot Forklifts has a solution for you! We offer everything from electric forklifts to gas-powered lift trucks. Our team will help you select the best forklift for your operations. Learn more about some of the forklifts we currently have available below: 


The Patriot FD35 Forklift is a great lift for outdoor use. It can handle both loads and large pallets up to 8,000lb. Its air pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride over rough terrains and its diesel engine is easy to refill! Learn more about this piece of warehouse equipment on our website!


The 2022 Patriot FD50S Forklift is a diesel-powered, heavy-duty forklift that can handle loads up to 11,000 lb. This forklift can lift loads up to 189″ using an offset lift handle on the forks, has a 3-stage mast forklift, and comes with 48” forks!


If you are looking for a LPG-powered forklift, the 2022 Patriot FY40 Forklift is a great option and has a 9,000lb lifting capacity. This forklift also has a two stage mast, a max height of 130 inches, and can be financed through Patriot Forklifts! 


The Patriot FB50 Forklift is an affordable and dependable forklift that is great for heavy-duty lifting.  This electric forklift has solid pneumatic tires that make it a great choice for indoor or outdoor use, a 2-stage mast that can lift up to 130″ and can be purchased today from Patriot Forklifts!

Buy High-Quality Warehouse Equipment at Patriot Forklifts

Ready to purchase warehouse equipment for your business? Whatever type of operation you’re running, Patriot Forklifts will have the right equipment for the job. We strive to provide high-quality lift trucks at very reasonable prices and offer financing options on all our equipment. Call us today at (720) 798-0276 and invest in a forklift that fits your unique needs and budget!

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