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Making your warehouse safe is crucial to optimizing your operations and earning a bigger paycheck! While most companies decide to invest in a forklift to increase efficiency and productivity in their warehouse, when paired with employee training, lifting equipment is also one of the best ways to improve the safety of your operations.

If you’re looking for affordable lifting equipment for sale in Denver, Patriot Forklifts is the place to go! Patriot Forklifts prioritizes safety and wants to help other companies do the same. This is why we offer high-quality forklifts that can be customize to better fit your specific needs and equipment preferences.

Warehouse Safety and Lifting Equipment

One of the best ways to improve safety within your warehouse is to invest in high-quality lifting equipment. Purchasing lifting equipment not only ensures your employees’ safety by reducing the chance of fatal accidents from occurring, but it can also help your bottomline! This is because decreasing the percentage of warehouse-related injuries will save you money. It will improve your overall reputation as an employer. 

Forklift Safety Tips & Checks To Implement In Your Warehouse

Safety should be every company’s number one priority. This is especially true in warehouses where forklifts and other heavy machinery are constantly in use. Below are Patriot Forklifts’ top forklift safety tips to further improve safety within your warehouse:

Require Operators Wear Protective Gear

Mandating that operators wear a hard hat, safety vest, safety glasses, safety gloves and safety shoes may not directly stop accidents from happening. These safety garments can help reduce the injuries caused by unforeseen events. Also, be sure to check that operators are wearing clothing that appropriately fits them because loose clothing can get caught in the equipment and cause them harm.

Before Operating Examine the Forklift & Surrounding Area 

Before turning on any piece equipment, it is important to make sure the area around the machine is clear and that there is ample space to operate the machine. For optimal safety a damage forklift should never be operated! This is why it is also important to check the machine before turning it on for any visible damages, such as flat tires and leaking fluids. Once the machine is turned on ensure the operator checks for any alert lights and signals. 

Ensure All Operators Undergo Proper Training 

There’s nothing more dangerous than having a worker with no experience operating lifting equipment in your warehouse. Not only is this a major liability and against the law, this can also put other employees at risk of harm. This is why it’s so important to check that anyone operating lifting equipment for your company is certified. It has been train on how to use the specific forklift model you own.

High-Quality Lifting Equipment for Sale in Denver

While implementing safety protocols in your warehouse is important, it’s equally as important to purchase your lifting equipment from a trusted forklift dealer! Patriot Forklifts offers reliable and affordable forklifts in Denver. We want to help your warehouse level up its safety and efficiency with the help of our lifting equipment. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or check out our website for more information about our products!

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