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Do you have a business or warehouse that requires heavy products or materials to be moved around? If you don’t have a lift truck yet, or if your forklift is about to give out, it’s time to purchase one! Luckily in the digital age we now live in, you can find lift trucks available to purchase online! 

Patriot Forklifts is based in Denver, CO, but has become one of the country’s most reliable online lift truck dealers! We take pride in our forklift and ensure they are manufactured from high-quality materials, quality-check, and ready to take on tasks the second you get them.

Benefits of Owning a Lift Truck

Having a forklift available to use in your warehouse will make your operations run a lot smoother while making tasks more manageable for your workers. Having the right equipment for your operations can also increase efficiency and output, which in the long-run can result in a larger profit for your company. Forklifts can also be use for a variety of tasks. Using them is a great way to increase safety and prevent accidents from occurring in your warehouse.

Lift Trucks Available To Purchase Online From Patriot Forklifts

Since 2016 Patriot Forklifts has provided companies in various industries with reliable material handling equipment! Join our long list of happy customers and purchase a forklift from us today! Below are some of the lift trucks that are available to purchase online from Patriot Forklifts:

2022 Patriot FB20S Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FB20S Forklift is a 3-wheel electric forklift that is great for indoor warehouse use. This forklift has a two stage mast, a max height of 130 inches, and 4,000lb lifting capacity. Purchase it today on our website!

2022 Patriot FD100 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FD100 Forklift is perfect for heavy duty lifting on rough terrain and surfaces! This diesel forklift has pneumatic tires, a three stage mast, a max height of 189 inches, and 22,000lb lifting capacity. Check out the customization options available for this forklift on our website!

2022 Patriot FB100 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FB100 Forklift is an electric forklift with a 22,000lb lifting capacity. This makes it perfect for large indoor warehouse tasks like transporting heavy crates and materials. This lift truck has a two stage mast, a max height of 130 inches, and comes with a standard 2-year parts and labor warranty!

2022 Patriot FD160 Forklift 

Our 2022 Patriot FD160 Forklift packs the punch! This diesel forklift has a whopping 36,000lb lifting capacity and comes with 96 inch forks to better transport and handle large loads. This forklift has pneumatic tires, a two stage mast, a max height of 130 inches, and is available to purchase today!

The Best Online Lift Truck Dealer in Denver

If you’re looking for an online lift truck dealer with forklifts available to purchase, Patriot Forklifts is the company to buy from! We have a wide array of diesel, electric and LPG-powered forklifts that can be purchased and financed now. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website for more information about our company!

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