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Investing in high-powered material handling equipment can take your company to the next level while showing your employees you care about their safety and well-being. Patriot Forklifts believes that safety should be the top priority in the workplace. We strives to help businesses improve the safety and efficiency of their operations through its equipment. We sell high-quality material handling equipment in Denver and online at reasonable prices so businesses can get access to the equipment they need without breaking the bank.

Cons of Not Having Material Handling Equipment 

The absence of reliable material handling equipment in any job environment is one of the most common reasons that accidents occur. Manual lifting and carrying heavy materials can lead to injuries that are not only costly to the company, but can permanently affect a worker’s life. This is why having the right material handling equipment for your employees is so important! Patriot Forklifts is the forklift dealer that many business owners in the Denver area. It is use to find the right material handling equipment for their operations at affordable prices.

Forklifts to Consider For Your Material Handling Needs

Patriot Forklifts has helped many Denver businesses increase the safety and efficiency of their operations through our versatile and state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer customization options on most of our forklifts to help make our machines better suited to handle your individual needs. Check out our top material handling equipment below:

2021 Patriot 5.5K BCS Forklift

Reach significant heights and easily maneuver through the tight spaces of your warehouse with the 2021 Patriot 5.5K BCS Forklift. This machine’s vertically higher counterweight allows it to operate in smaller spaces and narrower aisles than other forklifts.

2021 Patriot 5K Forklift

From unloading shipments to moving products back and forth, the 2021 Patriot 5K Forklift will surely get the job done! This forklift can handle loads up to 5,000 lbs and has solid pneumatic tires. It has a 3 stage mast with a max height of 189” and comes with 48” forks. Purchase this forklift now for better and safer material handling operations!

2021 Patriot 10K Forklift

Do you need a forklift for outdoor use? The 2021 Patriot 10K Forklift is great for operating on rough and uneven outdoor surfaces. It can handle loads up to 10,000 lbs and has air pneumatic tires. It also has a 3 stage mast with a max height of 189” and comes with 48” forks.

2021 Patriot FB20 Forklift

The 2021 Patriot FB20S Forklift is a 4-wheel forklift that is perfect for use inside your warehouse since it produces no harmful emissions and is quieter than other forklifts. This forklift also has a two stage mast and max height of 130 inches, but can be customized to have a three stage mast and reach a height of 180 inches!

Choose Patriot Forklifts Now!

Built on the vision of outstanding customer service and superior products, Patriot Forklifts has become Denver’s premier forklifts provider. Check out our shop and invest in the most prestigious yet affordable equipment available in Denver. Call us at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website for more information!

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