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Forklift Select is a leading source for used Toyota Forklift!

Toyota has been manufacturing forklifts since the 1950s. In the early 1970’s they built the world’s largest manufacturing plant in the world. And today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of forklifts anywhere!

They have been the number one lift truck supplier in North America since 2002. One in five forklifts sold in the U.S.A. is a Toyota!

Toyota forklifts are designed and manufactured with operator safety, comfort, productivity and efficiency in mind. Whatever you’re lifting, moving, stacking, picking, or handling needs are, they have a solution.

Toyota makes two basic types of forklifts

– Electric forklifts are battery powered and designed for indoor use. They’re available in 3-wheel, 4-wheel or stand-up models with pneumatic or cushion tires. 

– Internal combustion (IC) forklifts are powered by gas, liquid propane or diesel fuel. They’re used outdoors for heavy-duty jobs. 

We carry a large selection of used Toyota forklifts for sale and delivery!

Every lift we sell is covered by a WARRANTY, and DELIVERY IS INCLUDED*!

No matter your budget or needs, we have it:

  • 3-wheel electric forklifts
  • 4-wheel electric forklifts
  • Cushion tire forklifts
  • Reach trucks
  • Walkie Stackers
  • Electric pallet jacks 
  • Pneumatic forklifts

Forklift Select will ship your forklift almost anywhere! 

We serve the material handling equipment needs of the Denver CO area, as well as businesses across the US and Canada. With our FREE DELIVERY*, the new or used Toyota forklifts you need are never out of reach or over-budget.

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Need forklift financing?

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How much are Toyota forklifts?

Depending on size, they cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $100,000 for a new forklift. Used Toyota forklifts can cost significantly less, and still meet your needs.

How much does a Toyota forklift weigh?

The average forklift weighs around 9,000 pounds. Also, forklifts are heavier in the rear to counter the weight of items being carried in the forks.

Where are Toyota forklifts manufactured?

The majority of Toyota lift trucks sold in the U.S. are manufactured at Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) in Columbus, Indiana.

Are Toyota forklifts good?

Since 2002, Toyota has been the leading seller of forklifts in the US. Toyota Material Handling is a name widely recognized for product innovation and quality. One in five forklifts sold in the U.S.A. is a Toyota!

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