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Despite the amount of information available regarding forklifts, there are still a lot of misconceptions. We are going to dispel some of the more common misconceptions about forklifts right here.

1. Forklifts can be shipped by UPS/FedEx freight.

Generally speaking, some forklifts can be picked up by regular LTL (Less Than Truckload such as Saia, Old Dominion, etc) carriers if they will fit on a pallet, but usually not by UPS or FedEx.

Most of the forklifts we sell are much too big for this.  The shipping process requires a large amount of coordination by a team that is able to secure the right truck for the right machine, headed in the correct direction.

At Forklift Select, we have an innovative process that allows brokers from all over the country the opportunity to compete to get your forklift loaded as quickly as possible and at the most competitive rate.

Depending on your location, this process can take up to a couple of weeks to find the correct truck. But in many cases, we are able to find a truck within one to two days of brokers having access to the load.

2. You don’t need special training in order to operate a forklift.

OSHA (The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requires all forklift operators in the United States to have proof of training before using any powered industrial truck.

If you don’t have the required training, you cannot legally operate a lift, pallet jack, or other powered industrial truck. Here are OSHA’s guidelines for training requirements necessary to drive a forklift.

3. All 2-stage, 3-stage or quad masts hit their respective same heights, i.e. 12′ for 2-stage, 15′ for 3-stage, 20′ for quad, and there isn’t a variance.

Forklift masts are manufactured in almost any height imaginable.  While there are a few very standard sizes, there are also hundreds of other sizes available.

Please contact our forklift experts in order to get the correct piece of equipment for your application.

4. You can buy a reliable forklift for $5,000.

The cost of a forklift is dependent upon your needs and the specifics of the forklift. With the large number of forklifts we sell each month, it is evident that the value we offer is better than that of our competitors many times.

Due to the fact that all of our lifts come with a warranty and include delivery, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing for the entire process of your forklift acquisition.

We have smaller lifts that start out in the $6,000 range. Contact us for our latest inventory!

5. The regular maintenance guy/mechanic is able to work on their forklift with the same expertise as a lift mechanic. 

Depending on the type of mechanic or maintenance person and what kind of forklift is being operated, they may be able to perform the majority of regular maintenance on their own.

However, there are certain systems that require the correct software to communicate with the machine.  We suggest that it is best to have a professional forklift mechanic maintain the equipment to ensure no steps are missed.

6. The forklift year is more important than the hours.

This depends on the particular purchaser.  Both the hours and year can affect the overall value of the equipment.  

The most important aspect when purchasing a lift is to make sure that the company you are purchasing from has a good reputation and has evaluated the machine with professional forklift mechanics.

7. You can swap out cushion tires for pneumatic tires to keep the forklift price down.

99% of the time this is not true.  In most cases, cushion tires can NEVER be swapped for pneumatic.

8. An electric forklift can sit for days/weeks on end without use.

This is true.  However, if not plugged into a charger, batteries will self-discharge over time.  The time for discharge varies depending on the machine.

9. A forklift gets bigger in size/dimensions per each 1k pounds of capacity. A 3k, is smaller than a 4k, is smaller than a 5k, etc.

Forklifts are manufactured in “chassis groups”.  Many times a 3,000 lb. capacity machine is built on the same chassis as a 4,000 lb. capacity machine.  The only difference could be the size of the counterweight.

The counterweight could be built a little taller or a little longer but many times the manufacturers try to keep the dimensions of the forklift as small as possible.  On an electric forklift, the battery provides the weight stabilization and many times a different size battery can yield a different load capacity.

Don’t get fooled by these forklift misconceptions.

In order to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit for your needs, contact our forklift experts.

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