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When it’s time to buy a forklift, carefully consider whether it really needs to be a new one.

There are many benefits to buying a used forklift. Of course, a new lift is a trouble-free choice, but from a cost-benefit perspective, is it really the right choice?

Depending on your material handling needs, a used forklift may be the way to go. When you consider your actual material handling needs, and you may realize buying a used forklift is a better option. There are many benefits of buying a used forklift, as we outline below.

Worried about buying a used forklift? Read about How to Protect Yourself.

Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift

  1. There Are Lots of Used Forklifts For Sale
  2. Will Your Forklift Be Used To Full Capacity?
  3. Used Forklifts Cost Less Than a New Forklift
  4. Used Forklifts are Easier to Service and Maintain
  5. Your Money Goes a Lot Further with a Used Forklift
  6. Used Forklifts Are Readily Available
  7. Used Forklifts Are Easier to Use
  8. Less of Your Funds Are Tied Up with a Used Forklift

1. There are Lots of Used Forklifts For Sale

The availability of used forklifts is huge, just look at our Forklifts For Sale section! That means you have a large selection to choose from when it comes to buying a used forklift that perfectly fits your material handling needs.

2. Will your forklift be used to full capacity?

Perhaps your needs are occasional. If your forklift is not used to its full potential, you’re paying for unused capacity. In this case, buying a used forklift might be a better choice for your business.

3. Used Forklifts Cost Less Than a New Forklift

One of the most attractive benefits of buying a used forklift is your upfront saving. A reliable used forklift with similar lifting capacity as a new forklift costs significantly less than a new forklift.

So when you decide to buy a used forklift, you’re effectively able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing lift for much less of its market value. A used forklift generally cost at least 50% less than a new one, so you can buy two used forklifts for the price of one new forklift!

4. Used Forklifts are Easier to Service and Maintain

If you carefully select your used forklift, you get a lift that is inspected and fixed by experts to make sure it’s in good working condition.

Every lift we sell is covered by a warranty and delivery* is included for further peace of mind!

Plus, service on a used forklift will usually be quicker and easier for mechanics, since they will already be familiar with working on a used lift as opposed to a new model, and spare parts are readily available.

5. Your Money Goes a Lot Further with a Used Forklift

You may be limited in what you can afford in a new forklift, but buying a used forklift allows you to buy a better lift than you thought you could afford new.

6. Used Forklifts are Readily Available

The lead time for a new forklift can be long, and if you need it right away, that might not be an option. Used forklifts are more readily available, and can be delivered quickly. So if your materials handling needs suddenly change, buying a used forklift may be the best way to get it when you need it!

7. Used Forklifts are Easier to Use

One of the significant benefits of buying a used forklift is that your forklift operators will be more familiar with the workings of a used forklift. Updated, newer forklifts have different features that might be unfamiliar to your drivers.

When making a forklift purchase decision for your material handling needs, consider your forklift operators when it comes to function. An unfamiliar design means time and money spent on training before your forklift can be used. Ease of use is always a plus, and you can put your forklift to work right away!

8. Less of Your Funds Are Tied Up with a Used Forklift

To purchase a forklift is to tie up your operating capital. If you find an adequate used forklift, you get your needed material handling capacity, while less of your capital is tied up. A used forklift can deliver a better return on your investment.

How to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Forklift

Now that you have decided to buy a used forklift, keep these things below in mind. Because forklifts generally do the same type of work — lifting and moving heavy objects, there are common stresses that can give away an inferior lift.

Protect yourself by inspecting several key areas of the used forklift, and make sure these areas meet your criteria.

Used Forklift Front End Equipment

Make sure to check over welds, rollers and overall functionality of the mast carriage and forks. Also, check that all components are tight and have little movement.

Used Forklift Engine and Transmission

Make sure you start and drive the forklift, test the brakes, change direction, etc. You want to ensure all powertrain functions operate correctly.

Used Forklift Lift Chains

Make sure the chains that lift the carriage/forks and load are in good condition. There should not be any breaks or cracks, dryness or corrosion. See that they are properly lubed. Check that all connected components, like tubes and cylinders, don’t have any leaks and are in good condition.

A forklift is an indispensable tool. Whether you’re moving freight, stacking palettes, or moving heavy materials onto a truck, nothing beats a reliable forklift for taking care of those heavy lifting jobs. These benefits of buying a used forklift help you in making the right decision for your business.

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