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To take your Denver business to new heights you need equipment that can not only meet your current work requirements, but that can also accommodate your future demands. Patriot Forklifts is one of the top forklift dealers in Denver, CO. We strives to support local business growth through our equipment. 

Our main objective is to provide other companies with dependable, high-quality equipment to assist them in enhancing their operations by increasing efficiency and safety. We understand that forklifts are a significant investment and want to help you choose the best forklifts for your operations with growth in mind.

High-Quality Forklift Equipment Models

Finding high-quality forklifts that are suitable for your work conditions is easy with Patriot Forklifts! All of our units can be customize to better fit your operations. They are available for purchase today at our Denver dealership. Below is more information about our most popular forklifts:

2022 Patriot 5K Forklift

The 2022 Patriot 5K Forklift is a low-cost and reliable forklifts best suited for outdoor use. It features a 5,000 lbs lifting capacity, solid pneumatic tires, a LPG-powered engine, and a three stage mast with a max height of 189 inches. Contact our material handling experts for more information about this unit!

2022 Patriot 5.5K BCS Forklift

The 2022 Patriot 5.5K Boxcar Forklift is a great option for companies that require a compact forklift since this unit has a small frame that makes it equipped for those tight spaces inside your warehouse! It also has a max lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs and air pneumatic tires. It has a three stage mast with a max height of 189 inches.

2022 Patriot 10K Forklift

Are you looking for heavy-duty lifting equipment? The 2022 Patriot 10K Forklift is perfect for outdoor and heavy-duty lifting tasks due to its diesel engine and air pneumatic tires. This machine is ready to take on big loads. It can help you efficiently and safely move and lift loads up to 10,000 lbs. 

2022 Patriot FB60 Forklift

Another machine that is perfect for heavy-duty lifting tasks is the 2022 Patriot FB60 Forklift. This forklifts is best suited for indoor tasks because it is electric, but it can lift 13,500 lbs up to 130 inches. This forklifts can also be customize to better fit your specific needs and budget.

2022 Patriot FY20 Forklift

The 2022 Patriot FY20 Forklift is LPG-powered with air pneumatic tires making it a great forklifts for outdoor use. This forklift also has a two stage mast that allows it to lift 4,000 lbs up to 130 inches. Finance this forklifts from Patriot Forklifts today!

Purchase High-Quality Forklifts in Denver, CO

Patriot Forklifts is one of the top forklifts dealers in Denver, CO and is known for its high-quality lifting equipment! Our team of material handling experts will also help you customize our forklifts to better suit your company and establish finance terms that work with your cash flow. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website for more information about our available units!

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