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Purchasing a forklift is  a big investment, but these machines can help your company scale and grow while increasing efficiency and promoting safety within your warehouse. If you are in the market for a forklift, use this purchasing guide to determine the exact type of forklift you need before buying a forklift for sale in Denver.

Patriot Forklifts is the leading provider of high-quality forklifts in the Denver area. Whether you’re looking for a single forklift or a complete fleet, our team will help you select. We will help you customize our units to be the right fit for your business and budget. We also offer competitive rates and include a 2-year standard warranty with all our units!

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Forklift

To ensure you have the best forklift purchasing experience and the forklift that you purchase meets your needs, it is best to think about a few factors before going to a forklift dealership. Knowing what you will be using the forklift for and where you plan to use it will help you determine other key characteristics you need the machine to have. Below are other forklift attributes to consider before going to purchase a forklift in Denver: 


Before going to a forklift dealer, determine what materials you will be using your new forklift to move and the weight of an average load. Knowing this information will determine if you need a forklift built for heavy-duty lifting or light lifting. It is also important to note the max capacity you will use your new forklift to move. Don’t forget to take future growth into consideration. 


After determining what you will be moving, next consider where you will be moving these items to. Think about what height requirement your forklift will need. Measurements of your warehouse can also be helpful in determining this, especially if you plan to use your forklift to make use of unreachable shelves or spaces.


To determine what type of engine and fuel source is best suited to your environment, think about where you will be operating the forklift. If you plan to mostly use it indoors, an electric forklift might be best. The reason is it won’t emit toxic gasses like diesel and LPG forklifts do. If you plan to operate the forklift outside, consider how accessible diesel and LPG are to your location to determine which would be a more reliable fuel source for your forklift.


There are two types of forklift tires to choose from – cushion and pneumatic. Cushion tires are best suited for indoor use on smooth and even surfaces while pneumatic tires are best for outdoor and rough or uneven surfaces.

Best Forklifts for Sale in Denver

Choosing the best equipment for your warehouse is one of the best ways to reduce backlogs and maximize profit. Patriot Forklift has durable and heavy-duty forklift for sale in Denver, CO for all types of operations. It wants to help you improve your business. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or check out our available inventory on our website! 

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