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There are many ways to make daily jobs easier for your warehouse workers, but purchasing a high-quality forklift will result in the biggest increase in efficiency and overall safety in your warehouse. Purchasing a forklift especially in Patriot Forklifts can also be extremely beneficial since Sect.179 of the IRS code can be used for a sizable deduction on your company’s taxes.

Patriot Forklifts is one of the top forklift companies in Denver. It strives to help other businesses improve their operations through our top-quality equipment. We are committed to our customers and continuously try to improve our products. We also offer a higher level of service than our competitors.

Why Purchase From a Forklifts Dealer

There has been an uptick in scam sealers on the Internet over the last few years. To avoid becoming a victim of this it is recommended to only purchase forklifts from a legitimate forklift dealer. To determine if a forklift company or dealer is reputable, check out their reviews, product descriptions and photos, website and ensure there is a working number you can call. Hence, if anything on the company’s website seems over promised, outdated or unprofessional, it is best to find a different seller.

Why Patriot Forklifts?

While there are many forklift dealers and companies to purchase from in Colorado, below are the top reasons why customer choose to purchase lifting equipment from Patriot Forklifts:

Top-Quality Forklifts

Patriot Forklifts has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 2006 and only sells top-quality equipment. Our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and SGS approved. Our equipment passes North American EPA, Russia GOST, and European CE certificates.

Warranty Options

Patriot Forklifts stands behind its material handling equipment 100 percent, which is why we offer two types of warranties. Our standard warranty comes with every purchase. It includes a 2-year parts and labor warranty on your equipment up to 2,000 hours. We also offer an extended warranty that includes 5 years of coverage on parts and labor with no excessive fees up to 5,000 hours. Both of these warranties also include repairs and checkups!

Customization Options

It can be challenging to find a used forklift that perfectly fits your warehouse’s needs and your specific equipment preferences. With Patriot forklifts you can choose the type of tires, fuel, signaling system, and attachments of the forklift you purchase so they suit your needs and wants. Additionally, we have a team of forklift experts ready to assist you in making the right choice for your business. 

Brand New Models Available

For top of the line and industry-leading equipment, Patriot Forklifts is the company to purchase from. To ensure ultimate customer satisfaction our manufacturing and product development teams strive to improve the quality, functionality and durability of our products each year. Hence, we recently released our brand new 2022 forklift models and have 2021 available to purchase today! 

The Best Forklift Company in Colorado

Ready to invest in your business and increase efficiency? Purchase a high-quality forklift from Colorado’s most trusted forklift company – Patriot Forklifts! Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or visit our website now for more information about our available forklifts.

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