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Propane, diesel and electric forklift models each have distinct features that make them best suited for use in certain settings and environments. Ensuring that you are using the right type of forklift for your operations. It not only prolongs the longevity of your material handling machine, but increases the safety at your place of business. 

While all forklift types are useful in specific settings, electric forklifts garner the most attention in indoor warehouses across the country. If you own a warehouse, it is advantageous to know the benefits that come from using electric forklifts. Find out where you can buy them in Denver, CO.

What Makes Electric Forklifts Stand Out?

Electric forklifts have helped many industries lower their overall production of noise and air pollution. Although this is the main reason behind the conceptualization of electric forklifts. Owners have quickly discovered that these machines also significantly lower the operation and maintenance costs associated with owning a forklift. More and more companies are switching over to electric forklifts due to their innate traits of being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Which is why Patriot Forklifts offers multiple models of new electric forklifts in the Denver area.

Unique Advantages of Electric Forklifts

While electric forklifts are energy and cost efficient, these types of forklift also have other advantages that should not be overlooked. Patriot Forklifts has highlighted the top advantages to owning electric forklifts below:

Produce less noise

Electric forklifts do not produce loud engine noise like other forklift types. The quietness of these machines allows operators to better hear supervisory instructions as they operate the machine. Thus improving the warehouse or company’s overall efficiency.

Require less maintenance

Electric forklifts are also much easier to maintain since there is no fuel system maintenance needed. It has less engine maintenance required than internal combustion engines. This makes this type of forklift much more appealing to use when managing an entire equipment fleet and lowers maintenance costs.

No fuel costs

While electricity costs replace fuel costs, fuel prices vary from time to time which causes a fluctuation in the expense of operating a diesel or propane forklift. Electric forklifts allow for more stable operation costs. It can be recharge during off-peak electricity hours to lower costs even more. 

Automatic brake feature

Electric forklift operators will immediately notice that these lifts automatically brake when the operator removes their foot from the accelerator unlike other forklifts. This automatic braking feature drastically reduces brake wear and operational fatigue of the operator. 

Lower ownership costs

Electric forklifts have lower ownership cost due to the fact that maintenance, operational, and electricity expenses are much lower than that of internal combustion engine or diesel types. This means that electric forklift equipment users typically save more over the years of utilization compared to owners of other forklift types.

Best Electric Forklift in Denver

If you are in search of the best electric forklifts sold in Denver, CO, look no further! Patriot Forklifts offers high-quality and affordable electric forklifts in the Denver area, and guarantees customer satisfaction! Call our team of forklift experts now at (720) 798-0276 or visit us in Denver today.

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