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Forklifts are a specialized material handling equipment that can make any heavy-duty task faster, more manageable, and improve efficiency within your warehouse. Whether you need to move heavy loads across a construction site or pick orders in a warehouse, forklifts or lift trucks can also be used to complete jobs safely and correctly. 

If you are looking for lift trucks for sale in Denver, CO, check out Patriot Forklifts! We are one of the top forklift dealers in the country and will help you find the perfect lift for your business. 

The Importance of Having a Dependable Lift Trucks

Forklifts are a great addition to any business because they promote safe loading of heavy materials, prevent unwanted incidents from occurring, and help with transporting and lifting large equipment and materials. Forklifts also play a significant role in managing a warehouse and can make the job of doing so easier. 

Which Type of Lift Trucks Should You Buy?

Some forklifts are suitable for indoor use while others are perfect for using on uneven terrain and outdoors. Patriot Forklifts has created a detailed list of which forklift type is best for different work conditions and jobs below:

Reach Forklifts

Reach trucks have a single set of wheels that help them maneuver with a smaller turn radius than other forklift types. If you own a small warehouse or your business has narrow aisles this type of forklift is a great choice.

Telehandler Forklift

Known for having an extendable arm, telehandler forklifts are best described as a mixture of a crane and forklift. These forklifts are capable of lifting 5,500 lbs loads from 19 feet to 55 feet up in the air. This function also makes these forklifts great for warehouses with high shelves.

Rough Terrain Forklift

For heavy-duty industrial applications, rough terrain forklifts are a great choice. These types of forklifts have larger and more durable tires that are specifically design for remote job sites with rugged and uneven surfaces. 

Pallet Jack

Unlike standard forklifts, pallet jacks are not capable of loading and lifting heavy loads. Because of their small size, they are great for using in the small and tight spaces of your warehouse. They are also electric-powered making them more cost-effective than other gasoline-operated forklifts.

Walkie Stacker

Also known as a pedestrian walk-behind stacker, this type of forklift can be used in many different ways. Just like pallet jacks, walkie stackers are ideal for small settings like small warehouses and stockrooms and are use to transport and lift pallets from room to room.

Dependable Lift Truck Dealer

If you’re searching for a trusted and licensed forklift dealer in Denver, check out Patriot Forklifts! Our highly-dependable lift trucks are built to provide optimal results and will surely benefit your Denver company. We also offer custom forklifts for those who want to develop a forklift built specifically for their work requirements. Call us at (720) 798-0276  or check out our website today for more details!

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